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Consider getting your car battery tested if it’s more than 4 years old – or if your car is slow to start.

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Testing Now Avoids Problems Later

How well do you know how your car’s battery works?

Chances are you don’t know some simple tricks to keep it healthy. Testing it on a regular basis alerts you to some potential problems. Did you know that drives of 20 minutes or longer allow your car’s battery to fully charge? Shorter drives sap the battery of its energy and increase the stress that it’s under. This can lead to a dead battery.

Having your battery checked at regular intervals is a sound practice. This is true even if you live in a climate that is known to be mild because both extreme heat and extreme cold can reduce the lifespan of your battery.

Has it been at least four years since your battery was purchased? If so, now’s a good time to have it checked by one of our Service Technicians. They can tell you the strength of its charge and advise you on whether or not you should replace it.

How Do I Extend Battery Life?

  • Make sure that all power adapters are unplugged before you leave.
  • Try to drive for at least 20 minutes each time you go out to give your battery time to fully charge.
  • Before leaving your car, turn off all of the lights — both inside and out.

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Make Your Appointment When Should I Change My Car Battery?

Complimentary Battery Check

Actuate the positive, eliminate the negative.

Neglect your battery and you risk being stranded with a car that won’t start and, if you think this only happens in northern winters, think again! Heat shortens battery life, so if your car suffers from sluggish starting it is strongly recommended that you get your battery checked. After just a few years, the battery loses its ability to recharge quickly and should be replaced before leaving you stranded. Fortunately, some quick and simple tests will reveal how well your battery holds a charge and whether it’s experiencing any problems. If your battery is more than four years old, ask about getting it tested at our service center.

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